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Web Page Woes

Imp Rock is not my first web page adventure. Though, this is true only because I’m counting the Geocities page I had way back around 1995 or ’96. I had to actually write HTML by hand for that thing! And it was crap! Things are different now. Way different. Like, I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing different.

Enter WordPress. Now, I’ve tinkered with a WordPress blog before. That was a few years ago and it never went anywhere. Mainly it was just to see what it was about. I never really got past the part where you look at different themes to find one that you like and then make a few posts.

For Imp Rock, I have a few needs that need to be met by the theme, and for the life of me I couldn’t just find one. “Okay, ” I thought, “not a problem. I’ll just find a theme that’s tolerable and bend it to my will using my programming prowess.” Well, that hard and lean programming prowess quickly turned to lumpy jelly because I had no idea how WordPress worked under the hood. Never really looked at CSS before. And PHP? That was a minefield that I’ve never had the heart to cross.

After several days of tutorials, codex pages, and just randomly running into information that was relevant, I’ve got…something. It’s close enough to what I wanted that I can actually get some work done. CSS isn’t too bad, but I’m still avoiding that PHP minefield for now.

Over the next few days, I’m looking to put up a page about JumpTo, along with a feature showcase and a sweet, sweet help section. While the web content is being created, I’d like to get the Unity Asset Store publishing process started.

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The Birth of Imp Rock

Welcome to improck.com, home of Imp Rock, which is made from the phrase “improved processes.” Currently, Imp Rock is composed of myself, Dean Lackey, and no one else. For the longest time, I have wanted to focus my career on building software tools that help to streamline the process of working in game development technologies. That’s what Imp Rock is about.

Wish me luck!

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