CYOI Asset Store Submission Update

A few days ago, I finally got an email reply from someone with the Unity Asset Store. They said that the content from this website was not visible to them, and that my submission was declined because of it. I immediately checked the site, and it seemed fine to me. Even from my phone over the cell network, it was fine. But, I checked it the next day from another location, and it wasn’t loading correctly. It turned out to be a bad .htaccess file.

I mean…couldn’t their initial email have told me exactly what was going on so that I could immediately resolve the issue? No, instead they sent a canned email which told me nothing. Three full days passed before the next email came, and I could actually take some kind of action! Far too long! And, yes, I did have to resubmit CYOI, essentially starting the process over, meaning probably two more weeks before I hear back again. That makes for a horrendous turnaround time! This whole process could use some streamlining.

Bad processes frustrate me to no end, which is why I started this little thing. There is simply no reason to keep a bad process when you could just as easily have a good one. For more interesting reading, see Wikipedia’s entry for Adhocracy. Maybe I’ll write a blog entry containing my thoughts on the matter sometime.

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