JumpTo v2.0 Released!

Asset Store Link (new tab)

It was accepted into the Asset Store sometime yesterday.┬áIt was nice to work on it again. Despite its simple UI, it’s fairly complex underneath. Lots of parts in there. And lots of manual labor! JumpTo doesn’t use GUILayout, and I had to make so much of it from scratch. This has been a great learning experience, though. I’d like to log some more of the wisdom I’ve gained on the journey to v2.0.

I’ve got a couple of more tools I’d like to add to the Asset Store. These are things that I may have prototyped already, or they may only live in my development notes. I’m already working on one that was already pretty far along. Not up to a v1.0 gold release yet, but I’d say that it’s in a beta state.

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