Resuming work on JumpTo + MY FIRST SALE!

Unity 5 broke a major feature of JumpTo, the ability to save links to prefab instances in the hierarchy. I submitted a bug to Unity over a year ago (see 674553 in Issue Tracker) from Unity 5.0.0f2. Finally, they got around to fixing it in 5.4.0b15! That’s a long time to wait, and the entire time, JumpTo has not been full featured.

But, at least they fixed it, I guess! Anyway, I’m now going to fix JumpTo and add support for multi-scene editing. Especially since…I made a sale! That’s right! Someone actually bought a copy of JumpTo! I ended up with a whopping $7, CASH MONEY! I may even pull 7 dollar bills out, spread them on the bed, and roll around in the pile. Or, better yet, $7 in quarters! Might make it feel more substantial, if not cold.

I’m kidding, of course. Not looking to get rich off of a Unity Editor tool on the Asset Store. Still, I was very surprised. I mean, it’s been published for well over a year now. Either way, to my one and only customer: my thanks!

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