JumpTo Logo

I’ve created a logo for JumpTo.


It’s pretty simple, and I don’t know if it says “Unity Object shortcut” or not. But, it’s what I came up with. The pale blue cube should be recognizable as the Unity prefab icon. It’s paired with the yellow star, which is common web browser iconography for a favorited/bookmarked item.

Created with Inkscape as an SVG. I used the cube tool and the star tool along with some extra polygon shapes (for the blue background) and gradients. By no means am I a vector graphics artist or an expert with Inkscape. In fact, the Imp Rock logo was pretty much my first effort with the software. So, don’t laugh. Or do. I don’t care.

I needed a logo for the Unity Asset Store imagery. Hopefully, I’ll be submitting JumpTo soon. Still haven’t really gotten to those tutorials and feature descriptions, though, and I want to have those up first.

Also added an icon to JumpTo’s EditorWindow tab. It’s a little yellow star tabicon. I thought it would help the window fit in with the standard tabs a little better.



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